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Transfer Your Videotapes, Movie Film, Photos and Slides Today!

Tapes, film, photos, and slides don’t last forever. They lose their original quality each year they’re left in the attic, basement, closet or drawer. Make them last, share with family, document your history. We offer products and services to move the past into the present and future.

We offer video transfer, photo and slide scanning, photo restoration and prints, Super 8 mm film transfer, 8mm and 16mm film transfer, audio cassette conversion, disc and flash drive duplication, and video production and video editing services.

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• All work done in-house

Videotape transfer
Audio transfer
8mm and 16mm film transfer
Slide and photo scanning
CD, DVD, and flash drive duplication
Video production services

Video & Audio

● Videotape
● 8mm/16mm Film
● Cassette, Reel to Reel, Vinyl

Photo & Slide

● Photo and Slide Scanning
● Photo Restoration and Prints
● Video Slideshows


● DVD & CD
● USB Flash Drive


● HD Video
● HD Video Editing

Archival Digitization

Such Media specializes in the highest quality professional archival scanning and digitization services for organizations and individuals wishing to preserve their heritage and historical assets.

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We offer a variety of options for videotape transfer

We can transfer VHS to DVD, VHS to MP4 files, 8mm tape, HI-8 and Digital 8mm tape transfer to DVD or digital video files. We also work with most older broadcast formats like Betamax,  3/4 ” Umatic, Betacam, Betacam SP, MiniDV, DVCPRO, DVCAM.

Professional high quality photo, slide, negative and film strip scanning

We can convert your photo images to digital, delivered on disc, flash drive or other storage device or location. Photo restoration and photo prints are also part of what we do.

Need film transferred?

We specialize in super 8 film, 8mm film and 16mm film transfer. We use frame by frame film scanning technology. We can convert your film to DVD or digital files delivered on disc, flash drive or other storage device or location.

We transfer audio too

Cassette tape to CD or cassette to MP3, as well as reel to reel tape conversion. Vinyl recordings of all speeds, including 78 records, LP Records, and 45 rpm can be transferred to CD or MP3 files.  We can move DAT, digital audio tape to the format of your choice.

Need CD, DVD or flash drive copies?

We can do that too. CD, DVD and flash drive duplication and packaging options available. Quick turns and at very competitive prices.

Need video production and editing services?

We offer event and in-house video recording services as well as video editing for projects at any stage of development. We can work with existing photos, PowerPoint slides, and videos, and create presentations with custom introductions, title screens, and captions.