Audio Cassette Transfer

We have experienced sound technicians and professional audio equipment to convert your tape library to digital archival formats. We also provide sound editing and restoration or enhancement of sub-par or damaged recordings.
We can transfer audio from audio cassettes, mini cassettes, audio reel to reel tapes and DAT tapes.

We work with standard IPS speeds and can convert audio tapes to digital audio CDs or electronic sound files including MP3, WAV, and AIFF. We can record in sample rates from 8000Hz to 96000Hz, in floating rates from 16-bit to 32-bit. We can recommend recording and compression rates to meet your audio quality needs.


Reel to Reel

We work with inch (5/16th inch) reel to reel audio tape. The 3 common tape speeds that we handle are: 1 7/8 IPS (inches per second), 3  IPS. and 7  IPS. We handle 3-2 track, stereo, and 1-4 track reels. If you do not know your tape speeds we can test the reel to let you know.
Audio tape transfer is one of our specialties, and we do a lot of it. We have first hand experience dealing with problematic reels and know the steps to take to properly fix them to get the most signal out of your tape. All reel to reel transfers are done in real time and are constantly monitored by our technicians. Splices and tape breaks are fixed with minimal to zero cutting. Feel relief knowing that your tape is cared for while it is in our possession we do not outsource any service that we promote.


Vinyl Record Transfer

vinyl record collectionConvert your music library and enjoy listening to your favorites again

We can transfer sound recordings from vinyl, paper or metal in just about any size from recorded speeds of 78 rpm, 45 rpm & 33 1/3 rpms. All recordings are cleaned before transfer.

We offer additional services if needed to bring out the best quality sound, including sound enhancement and editing, track and title creation. Packaging services and ledgering available.

  •  Large collection transfer discounts
  •  Library and museum collection discount


DAT Digital Audio TapeDigital Audio Tape
DAT was Intended as a replacement for audio cassettes, the format was never widely adopted by consumers because of expense and concerns about unauthorized digital quality copies. The format saw moderate success in professional markets and as storage medium. A DAT cassette may only be recorded and played in one direction and in multiple record speeds, unlike an analog compact audio cassette.


8-Track Tape

Stereo 8, commonly known as the eight-track cartridge, eight-track tape, or simply eight-track, is a magnetic tape sound recording technology. It was popular in the United States from the mid-1960s through to the early 1980s. And yes, we can transfer this fomat to digital.

Project Profile

Digital audio photo

Audio Cassette & Vinyl LP Transfer

Original collection:
80 cassettes & 70 LPs

-Cleaned and transferred LPs to 256Kbps MP3 files
-Added Metadata for Artist and Album names
-Transferred and Equalized Audio Cassette mix tapes to MP3 files
-Organized and cataloged digital assets to client specifications
-Created a disc index with track listing that included album artwork on archival paper
End Product: 1 directory, 47 CDs with MP3 files

Project Profile

Recordio Transfer Recordio collection to CD transfer

recordio transferThis project was from a family recordio collection from 1939 to 1959. Winston Stebbins brought in almost 500 audio discs. Recordio was rare short lived vinyl recording equipment, allowing the user to create their own records. The collection consisted of paper discs, metal discs and vinyl disc records.

The recordings were the means of communiication between Win's family and his fathers brother and his family. Win heard himself singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" recorded when he was 9 years old.

End Product: 30 audio disc collection.





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