CD & DVD-ROM Authoring

CD and DVD-ROM Authoring
The interactive CD and DVD-ROM disc is a multi-media workhorse
that can integrate audio, video, motion graphics, music, custom designed menus, weblinks, email links, PDF files and word files, easily available through custom build navigation. You can allow users access to information on the disc for printing, online quizzes, surveys and video presentations.

Are you tired of using Power Point for promoting products, services, and training materials. We can take this old method of delivery and make it look up to date and professional.

Are you still printing training programs or manuals? Sometimes they can be thousands of pages long, with limited use to certain people who just don't work with a specific part or the materials. A green alternative is an interactive CD/DVD-ROM. We can turn your material into an interactive product with a custom built video or motion graphic into. Training programs, textbooks, catalogs, marketing & media kits, etc. can be interactive and allow the user to navigate the material as they choose.

Some other benefits to putting your materials on a disc are:

  • Paperless means less waste
  • Lower Shipping Expenses than paper
  • Audio/Video Capability
  • Link to Websites
  • Cost Effective - Updating programming vs. re-printing manuals

Samples available upon request

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