Professional Film Transfer

Transfer Film to DVD

8mm, Super 8 and 16mm

Our film transfer is done by trained technicians to ensure the film brightness, focus and framing are accurate. The process is manned at all times to make sure your end product is the best it can be. Our professional film projectors are specifically designed to transfer film to video. Blank, extreme under or over-exposed film will not be included in your end video. Your film will move smoothly from one scene to the next without any leaders. We will return your film to you unharmed.

Enjoy your home movies again or for the first time.

We also offer audio recording services for narration of your films.

Films are a visual documentation of events but without narration valuable personal history is lost when the next generation has no reference to the content.  We'll guide you through the process to make sure your investment in the film transfer is also an investmewnt in the preservation of your family history.

This professional system eliminates:

  • Flickering in the movie film
  • Uneven framing around the edges of the film image
  • The fuzziness caused by ground glass or mirrors in the light

Here's how to determine how much film you may have. 8mm film reels contain the following:
3" reels = 50 ft      5" reels = 200 ft      7" reels = 400 ft
Our turn time is 1-2 weeks on average.

Film samples

40 film sample 70s film8mm film 1970

Here are some film samples from the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Customer Testimonial

Film Tranfer ProjectThis film transfer to DVD project started with 20,000 feet of film, 16mm, 8mm, and super 8mm. It was converted to a 15 DVD (2 hours per disc ) set. Favorite photos were added to the covers and labels to make this charming customized family movie collection. Copies were then made from the master set. This family chose to split the expenses as the collection was so large.



Such Media,

I am so very very happy with the film project you transferred for my family. Your work was exceptional and handled very professionally. Thanks also for the file transfer to our external drive. We can now personalize and edit the film footage for individual family members.

Many, many thanks
Win Stebbins


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