Personal History Services

Each story is as unique as the individual. We work with you to select the media to best suit your project. There are advantages to all the options listed below, and we will be glad to offer suggestions to make sure we deliver a product well beyond your expectations.


What is a personal history and why is it important?

A personal history records the stories of life in words and images. It creates a vivid portrait in sharp detail.This story can be:

Here are some of the formats we offer:

Audio Histories- Recorded audio from an interview created especially for the individual, go into recorded personal histories. The recording can be edited or left as is.?

Video Histories- We can incorporate assets like film, photos, music and effects in an interview or documentary style presentation.

Pictorial Histories- These histories can be a collection of photos and slides with recorded audio to accompany, or a printed coffee table book with the photo captions built from the recorded audio, or both.

Print Publications- These projects can be anything from a small booklet or photo book to a hardcover coffee table book. We work with all facets of production from the interviewing, recording, transcribing, editing,
layout and design, and printing or publishing.


We can also assist in the development of:

  • Business & Organizational Histories

  • Memoir and Life Story Development

  • Video Memorials

  • Ethical Wills

How can a Personal Historian Help?

1. Where to start?
Project management.
2. Determine the goal of the project.
3. Neutral listener- non family member
4. Trained to elicit comprehensive stories and preserve them.


How much does it cost?

Depending on the extent of the project.Each project is truly unique.


How long does it take?

Again it depends. A production timeline is an option it timing is an issue due to an illness or event date.