Photo and Slide Scanning

Large slide collection

Photos and slides don't last forever

They lose their original quality each year they're left in the attic or basement, closet or drawer. You also may be losing the opportunity to identify who or what the photo is about if not  shared with those who know the history of the photo. Move your photos & slides to digital files and

- Preserve the Images
- Document History
- Leave a Legacy
- Clear the Clutter
- Enjoy the Memories

Scanning Services for:

Slides to Photo Prints
Photo Reprints
Slides and Photos to Digital Files
Slides and Photos to Video Slideshows

About Slide Scanning

We work with all slide sizes 35mm, 126mm, 110mm and 127mm also know as the super slide. We clean and scan each with a professional automated scanner at 2100 to 4200 dpi depending on the condition of the image and the desired end product. We will ask a few questions to understand the end purpose you have in mind to build the right file type and size.

How do I get my slides back?
The boxes to the right in the picture above contain 6000 slides that were scanned. The 3 stacked boxes on the right are the end storage; as the slides are returned to you, indexed and in an archival safe box for easy compact storage. Carousels are returned to you if you choose to keep them. The digital photo album in the front contains contact sheets for easy reference and the discs contain the digital files.

About Photo Scanning

Photo albums before scanning

We scan all photos at 300 to 600 dpi depending on the desired end result. Options are a digital archive file JPEG or TIFF for historical reference and preservation, prints, emailing or for a DVD video slideshow. We will discuss your options for the best end result.

We also work with framed artwork and oversized peices.

Digital Photo Albums digital photo album

We offer wallet or thumbnail contact sheets for easy reference. We can also assemble into and digital photo album. Scans can be saved as TIFF or JPEG files.

Our scans will provide you with the highest quality digital images from your photos and slides! We use DIGITAL ICE Technology to detect and reduce dust and surface scratches without softening, blurring, or altering the image.

Scans can be saved as TIFF or JPEG files
Our scans provide you with the highest quality digital images. We use DIGITAL ICE technology to detect and reduce dust and surface scratches without softening, blurring, or altering the image. Digital ICE is included FREE of charge.

Included with all scanning:
Color Correction - restores the slide or photo to its original color or better
Exposure Correction -
restores the slide photo to it's original light/dark properties or better
Cropping - this process will make sure any unfinished edges are cut smoothly
Image Rotation -
your slide will be in the correct orientation, portait or landscape


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